Since 1996, we’ve helped thousands of students master and implement business concepts. Our philosophy is to do everything we possibly can to assist our clients in pursuing their goals. The high volume of success stories we receive from students around the world is a testament to how effective that strategy is.


“The favorite part of the PMI program for me is having access to real people for any questions that come up. For me that is key since I am new to internet affiliate marketing.

PMI has helped me to achieve my goals by having great study programs with actual...


Imagine the opportunity to learn in an intimate classroom setting directly from world-class experts. No matter what specialty you’ve chosen to pursue, it’s both educational and inspiring to network with masters in your field. This is the experience afforded to those who attend the remarkable live events hosted at PMI’s corporate headquarters.

Our user friendly learning experience is one of the foundations to our student’s success. You’ll have access to all of the lessons on your schedule, any time of the day or night. We encourage you to watch each lesson as often necessary until you’ve mastered the concepts, and especially to implement the action items as instructed.

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